A Women’s Comprehensive Care Clinic is a place where women with bleeding disorders can access a complete range of services (hematologist, nurse, physiotherapist, gynecologist/obstetrician, genetic councillor). A Women’s Clinic has been a long standing goal for the Chapter as we learn that there are barriers to accessing care for women. This dream has been long standing in our chapter but was always hard to achieve as access to care was a barrier for many. In 2019, an advocacy group was formed to work on establishing Women’s Clinic in partnership together with Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program.   Covid-19 has delayed our efforts. This group has refocused their efforts to provide education, support, and awareness for patients and also to inform public about bleeding disorders in women. Women with Bleeding Disorders Committee started their first Women with Bleeding Disorders Newsletter and ensured a comprehensive and ambitious plan for 2021 to achieve.

 “We will continue to work to advocate for women and cooperate with the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program to ensure that women and girls with bleeding disorders get the exceptional care they deserve, and that our website reflects all relevant news related to women and bleeding disorders, as well as the newest research in this area. After this pandemic is over, the time will come to establish a comprehensive care clinic for women in Winnipeg, and I know our committee is excited to begin working to make this dream a reality.” Read more about this in the first Chapter newsletter for Women & Girls

For more information on comprehensive care for Girls and Women with Bleeding Disorders read: MASAC Document 265 – MASAC Guidelines for Pregnancy and Perinatal Management of Women with Inherited Bleeding Disorders and Carriers of Hemophilia A or B | National Hemophilia Foundation

New! Women and Girls with BDS-s European Principals of care EAHAD Webinar: WGBD Principles of Care – EAHAD

European principles of care for women and girls with inherited bleeding disorders – van Galen – 2021 – Haemophilia – Wiley Online Library

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