CHS-MC Programs

CHS-MC is proud to offer many different programs to the membership. Some of the programs are open to all of our members while others are open only to those with inherited bleeding disorders. The Chapter has long standing programs such as Family Camp, that have run for over 30 years. We also have  episodic programs like the PPE Kit program started in 2020 and the Every Step Counts program in the summer of 2021. The Chapter strives to meet the needs of the community.

Benefits of Membership and Confidentiality Statement

To access a CHS-MC program, please fill out and send us your CHS-MC Member Registration Form.

Family Camp 2024!

Chapter children under 17 years of age with a bleeding disorder and their immediate family members are invited to attend, Family Camp at Luther Village, near Kenora, Ontario.  Located on the beautiful shores of Dogtooth Lake, Luther Village has much to offer including programming for children, comfortable accommodations, and activities for the whole family, hiking trails, boating, and more.

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Sports Bursary Program

The Sports Bursary Program is a CHS-MC funded program to promote a healthy lifestyle for children and youth with bleeding disorders through safe physical activities. Chapter youth 17 years and younger , with a moderate to severe bleeding disorder qualify to apply.

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Adult Physical Activity Program

The Chapter has created the Adult Physical Activity Program in an effort to encourage our adult members to improve their mobility, mental health and physical well-being. This is done in consultation with a personal trainer who must be approved by a Manitoba Bleeding Disorders adult physiotherapist.

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Parents Empowering Parents

A Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) workshop is a parenting program designed to be presented to bleeding disorders families by trained PEP leaders (CHS parents/caregivers and healthcare providers) to affirm positive child/caregiver behaviors while focusing on the unique challenges faced by bleeding disorders families.

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CODErouge; When Women Bleed Too Much

CODErouge is an awareness and education program developed by the Canadian Hemophilia Society and supported by each Chapter. The program is specifically targeted at health care providers and women in the general public.

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