Sports Bursary Program

What is the Sports Bursary Program?

The Sports Bursary program is a CHS-MC funded program to promote a healthy lifestyle for children and youth with bleeding disorders through safe physical activities.

Who Qualifies for the Program?

Chapter youth, 17 years or younger, with a moderate or severe bleeding disorder qualify for this program. However, if your child’s phenotype (how much they bleed) doesn’t match their diagnosis or a bleeding incident has created challenges for your child to participate in sports, please contact the Chapter to discuss program eligibility. Our goal is to help our families.


CHS-MC will fund two bursaries (maximum of $100 each), per child, per year.  Funding may be used for registration fees and/or safety equipment required for the sport, however, the amount of bursary remains a maximum of $100. The chosen activity must include instruction from a qualified individual. The bursary does not include club drop-in fees, or health club memberships. ALL activities require consultation and co-signature from a Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Physiotherapist PRIOR to commencing program.

Funding will be awarded after an application form is submitted to the Chapter together with original receipt of cost and evidence of completion of the activity. Please take the Sports Bursary form to clinic with you or at your next physiotherapy visit: Sports Bursary Program 2020