Member Services

The mission of CHS-MC is to: “improve the quality of life for those affected by hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders through support, service, research, education and advocacy.”

In keeping with the mission of CHS-MC, the Member Services Policy was developed to provide support, in the form of financial assistance, to Chapter members for eligible expenses that are related to living with a bleeding disorder.

Membership Registration

Member Services are available to people diagnosed with an inherited bleeding disorder, living in Manitoba or being followed by the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program, who have registered as Regular Members of the Chapter. 

Benefits of Membership & Confidentiality Statement

Click the link to become a member:  CHS-MC Member Registration Form

How Member Services Helps:

Medical Assistance

Member services can help with expenses related to living with an inherited bleeding disorder that may not be covered by provincial health plans.

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Member Services can help you access protective gear and medical identification  jewelry that help to promote safety and well-being.

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Member Services can help you with your parking expenses when you visit HSC for clinics, diagnostic testing or admission. Learn how to remit you parking expenses.

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Rural Members

Members who live 100 km away or more from Winnipeg are eligible to access Member Services specifically designed for them.

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Member Services can cover the cost of a taxi if you require it to get to HSC.

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If you require an ambulance, cost should not be a deciding factor.

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Mental Health Services

CHS-MC endorses the use of mental health services by members. The Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Social Worker and other team members, can help you access appropriate care.

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Adult Physical Activity Program

The Chapter has created the Adult Physical Activity Program in an effort to encourage our adult members to improve their mobility, mental health and physical well-being. This is done in consultation with a personal trainer who must be approved by a Manitoba Bleeding Disorders adult physiotherapist

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Member Service Policy Statement:

CHS-MC Member Services will help to cover expenses that are:

  • related to living with inherited bleeding disorders and their complications
  • recommended for treatment by a member of the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program (MBDP) treatment team.
  • NOT covered by other agencies or insurance plans
  • identified by the Member Services Committee as eligible expenses


1. The list of eligible expenses is subject to change and is dependent on the finances of the Chapter.

2. The Chapter reserves the right to set limits on individual allocations.

3. Misuse of Member Services may result in suspension of privileges.

Note: The Chapter MAY consider other expenses not listed here. Requests for consideration must be made in writing and be validated by a member of the MBDP treatment team. Such requests will be reviewed by the Member Services Committee and may be forwarded to the Board for a recommendation.  All member information will remain private.


How to Apply