Mental Health Services

CHS-MC endorses the use of mental health services by members. The Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Social Worker and other team members, can help you access appropriate care.

When a need is identified for mental health (psychological support) services, the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program will consult first with hospital-based psychiatry or psychology for counseling services.

Community-based services may be used as a bridge while waiting for hospital based services, or when publicly funded services are not available

Funding is available from the Chapter to assist with covering community services according to the criteria below. All other possible sources of funding and services should be explored for continued care including social work services at Health Sciences Centre.

  • Treatment must be at least 50% related to issues regarding the member’s bleeding disorder.
  • The counselor must be a licensed therapist with PhD or RSW credentials.
  • Counselling services must be pre-authorizedOnly the standard fee will be paid to a maximum total of $600 and
  • There must be an evaluation by the therapist and the member after six months;
  • An appeal may be made to Client Services for more counseling under certain circumstances.