Medical Assistance 

 Member services can help with expenses related to living with an inherited bleeding disorder that may not be covered by provincial health plans .


Medication Delivery   When it is impossible for a member, their friends or family, to pick up product from Canadian Blood Services or the HSC Inpatient pharmacy, the Chapter can arrange courier service.

Here are some tips to help you be successful in accessing delivery service:

  • Blood products must be ordered from the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Nurses a business day in advance.
  • Please call Blood Product Management (204.789.1034) to see if they have your product order and to arrange pick-up or
  • Please call the Inpatient Pharmacy at HSC (204.787.3037) to order your product and get confirmation of when it will be ready for pick up.
  • Courier service is available Monday through Thursday (not including holidays).
  • Call first thing in the morning (9 am) to assure same day delivery.
  • Someone must be available between 10 am and 5 pm to receive the delivery.


Mobility Aids   Mobility aids may be needed during recovery  from a bleeding episode or a surgery. Member Services can help with the purchase or a short term  rental.

  • Members can apply to have the purchase of crutches or a walker reimbursed.
  • Members can apply to have orthotics reimbursed that are not covered by Manitoba Health or private insurance.
  • Members can apply to have the short term rental (2 months maximum) of a wheel chair or knee scooter reimbursed.


Private Physiotherapy   The Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program has specialized physiotherapists in both the pediatric and adult programs. There are times when they may recommended you see a private physiotherapist. Member Services will cover up to a maximum of $250 per member, per year.

How to Apply