Member Services can help you access protective gear and medical identification  jewelry that help to promote safety and well-being.

Protective Gear
  • Member Services will reimburse for helmets, knee pads and elbow pads for toddlers.
  • The Chapter will reimburse for bike helmets and protective sports gear for members under the age of 18 through the Sports Bursary Program.
Medical Identification Jewelry

Member Services will reimburse up to $100, every other year, for the purchase of medical identification jewelry. This does not include annual membership fees required by some suppliers.   

Members can pay for the item and send the receipt to the office for reimbursement or send their order form to the Chapter office and we will place and pay for the order. Payment for orders over $100 will be arranged when the order is placed.

Members are welcome to choose their preferred vendor and product. Here are some frequently used sites:

Universal Medical Id

MedicAlert Foundation of Canada

How to Apply