CODErouge; When Women Bleed Too Much

CODErouge is an awareness and education program developed by the Canadian Hemophilia Society and supported by each Chapter. The program is specifically targeted at health care providers and women in the general public. The goal of CODErouge is to identify undiagnosed women with bleeding disorders and ensure that they have access to appropriate medical care from health care providers with expertise in bleeding disorders and the specific issues that relate to women.

CODErouge Ambassador

CHS-MC is pleased to have a CODErouge Ambassador whose job it is to raise awareness and educate our Hemophilia Treatment Center and related health care providers, women and the general public about the importance of identifying undiagnosed women with bleeding disorders. CODErouge ambassadors play a critical role in ensuring there is a strong awareness about the symptoms of bleeding disorders, how to access appropriate medical care, and where to obtain information and support. CODErouge ambassadors represent the CHS, integrity and compassion to make a difference in the lives of affected women.

My name is Milena Pirnat, MD., MSc. I am Hemophilia A carrier, and I am founder of Hemophilia Mother Facebook page and blog that supports women with bleeding disorders. I am Chair of the Education Committee and Women & Girls Advocacy Committee at CHS-MC, a MyGirlsBlood Ambassador, and a CODErouge Ambassador. In my spare time, I love to make jewelry or to knit. You may always find me having coffee at the Grove.

To contact the CHS-MC CODErouge Ambassador please email

View the webcasts from the 1st Canadian Conference on Bleeding Disorders in Women that took place May 25, 2012.

We will post the webcasts from the CODErouge2021 when they are available.