Parents Empowering Parents

A Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) workshop is a parenting program designed to be presented to bleeding disorders families by trained PEP leaders (CHS parents/caregivers and healthcare providers) to affirm positive child/caregiver behaviors while focusing on the unique challenges faced by bleeding disorders families. A PEP workshop is typically held over one or two weekends to allow parents/caregivers the opportunity to learn about different parenting styles, child development concepts and benefit from the experience of their peers in a nonjudgmental and safe environment.      


This workshop is for families that have children with a bleeding disorder between 0-12 years old. Participants explore parenting styles and child development and behavioral concepts while focusing on the challenges of raising a child with an inherited bleeding disorder.  

PEP2 – Transition 

PEP2 is a unique program that provides valuable conversations, exercises and tools for parents/caregivers of teens (12 years old and older) with bleeding disorders. The program teaches participants how to be ”the parent” and empower their teens to become independent, capable, and productive adults while living with their bleeding disorder.

PEP is a CHS program that has been delivered in Manitoba and across Canada by trained CHS facilitators and HTC members for over 10 years. This is what past participants say about PEP:

We met new people going through similar situations-Such an amazing program. I felt very fulfilled walking away at the end of the weekend.

To be in an environment surrounded by your peers is one of the best things for parents but giving them a toolbox full of solutions on how to succeed in life is even better.

Everyone was open with their own stories and it helped us see we’re not alone.

Parenting is a continuous learning experience.  The program assisted in understanding behaviour and parenting styles.

Would you be interested in attending the next CHS-MC PEP workshop? Contact the Chapter office and watch the newsletter for notices. Visit PEP on the CHS website for more information.