Platelet Dysfunctions and Rare Bleeding Disorders

CHS has descriptions of platelet function disorders that includes more information on the following:  

Disorder of platelet adhesion – Bernard-Soulier Syndrome 

It is caused by a deficiency on the surface of the platelet in an area called Glycoprotein Ib/IX. As a result, platelets fail to stick and clump together at the site of the injury. 

Disorder of platelet aggregation – Glanzmann thrombasthenia 

It is caused by a deficiency of a protein on the surface of the platelet, called Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa. As a result, platelets fail to form a plug at the site of an injury. 

Storage Pool Deficiencies are a group of disorders caused by problems with platelet granules.


Disorders of platelets procoagulant activity – Scott syndrome

Combined abnormalities of number and function 

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Rare Factor Deficiencies

Less than 1.000 Canadians, suffer from rare factor deficiencies. They have low levels of a specific blood protein, either factor I, II, V, VII, X, XI or XIII.

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