Board of Directors Committee

The Chapter’s Board of Directors are elected at the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting which is held each year in April. The position of Past President is the exception as it can only be held by a past-president of the Board. The Board consists 5 Executive positions and 7 Directors.

For the Executive Officer positions, preference will be given to experienced Board Members, (current or previous). These positions, with the exception of the Past President, are available each year as they are 1 year terms.

Vacant or expiring Directorships are available to all members in good standing, Directorships rotate two year terms with half being available for election each year while the other half continue to serve the second year of their term.

Call for nominations; to elect members to the Board of Directors. there are two important documents pertaining to the election. These are: 1) a Nomination form, and 2) a Proxy vote form. These forms are made available to the membership in advance of the election.

Any positions that are not filled at the AGM or become vacant during the current term, will be filled by appointment by the new Board and expire at the next AGM. They must be re-elected at that time.

Board Volunteer Job Descriptions

To learn more about our current Board please view our Board Profiles.