Bleeding Assessment

Women and girls that have underlying bleeding disorder that are not always easy to diagnose. The most prominent symptoms are heavy periods and excessive bleeding after childbirth. These symptoms may be normalized as many family members have similar patterns of bleeding and women are not aware that they have a bleeding disorder.  Also, some girls and women bruise easily and have musculoskeletal issues, joint bleeds and early arthritis, that stay undetected and their health care providers don’t make a connection to a bleeding disorders. This can happen even in women that are Hemophilia carriers. Women with bleeding disorders are also more at risk of developing haemorrhagic ovarian cysts and endometriosis. Iron deficiency is common in women with bleeding disorders and may be a complication of heavy menstrual bleeds and interfere with quality of life. Early diagnosis is important to avoid complications of bleeding disorders. Here are some tools to help you with self- diagnosis.

How are bleeding disorders in women, diagnosed?

Here are some steps to guide you:

Track your periods using journal or app on your phone: Clue, Period Tracker or Blood Sisterhood App.

Read more about these apps that revolutionized how we think about menstruation here: THE BEST PERIOD TRACKING APPS (AND WHY THEY WORK) – Let’s Talk Period (

Download a Menstrual Assessment Chart

Take a test at Let’s Talk Period

The Self-BAT (self-administered bleeding assessment tool) is a scientifically validated scoring tool developed by Dr. Paula James targeted at individuals who are concerned about bleeding. Taking this test will help you better understand whether current, or previous, bleeding episodes are normal or abnormal.

Self-Bat-Eng – Let’s Talk Period (

Self-Bat-Fre – Let’s Talk Period (

 Talk to your Primary Care Provider

Treatment is available and you don’t need to suffer with the complications of prolonged bleeding. Check out Pipeline to Care to get more information on the referral system to the  Manitoba Bleeding Disorder Program.