Volunteer with CHS-MC

As a grassroots organization, none of our programs and services would be possible without the time, energy and talents of our volunteers. Volunteer contributions are vital to the work of the Chapter and those contributions are both recognized and valued. CHS-MC is committed to the ongoing development of volunteer policies and procedures to encourage good practices.

Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year, CHS-MC has a variety of episodic and committee work opportunities. This includes sitting on our Board of Directors, our various program and fundraising committees. We encourage you to have a look and see what opportunities would suit your interest and the amount of time you have to volunteer.

Episodic Volunteers Needed

Grey Cup Pool Ticket Sellers September 9th – December 11th, 2021

The Chapter has two Grey Cup Pools for 2021. That’s 1800 tickets to sell! We are looking for members and friends of the Chapter to take books of 10 tickets. The $5 tickets offer multiple ways to win and are very popular with the public.  Would you take some tickets? All the proceeds from the Grey Cup Pool go to support Member Services such as parking at HSC and taxi service.

If you are interested in selling pool tickets, contact us at info@hemophiliamb.ca  or call 204.775.8625 and let us know how many books of 10 you would like.

Go Bombers GO! 

Committee Volunteers Needed

Apply to Volunteer

Please download out fill our application form and we will be in touch to arrange an interview.